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All in One Software (EA) Hardware

All in One Software (EA) has been developing, selling and supporting its own software products since 1995. For the associated hardware, we work together with well-known hardware manufacturers. Since 2009, subcontracting has been carried out mainly through ZKTeco Europe Ltd. based in Madrid, Spain. The company moves into general agency time and access terminals from the Far East and markets them in Europe.

Since the year 2014 , we have also been working with the company Datafox GmbH from Geisa, Germany. The German hardware manufacturer offers high-quality,  mobile and stationary hardware devices in robust and industrially compatible design.

Affordable hardware from the Far East

Time Attendance terminal TM560bc with non-contact RFID reader and fingerprint

Terminal TM560bc

Time Attendance terminal TM680bc with contactless RFID reader and fingerprint

Terminal TM680bc

K40 SSR Biometric Fingerprint and Time Attendance Terminal

K40 Fingerprint and Time Attendance Terminal

Face ID Terminals

Time Attendance & Access Control terminal TMGSE380 with face recognition and contactless RFID reader

Terminal TMGSE 380

Time Attendance & Access Control proFAC with RFID and Facial Recognition

Time Attendance & Access Control proBio with Silk ID and Facial Recognition

Terminals, Locks & Accessories

Time Attendance terminal s922 with non-contact RFID reader and fingerprint

s922 zkteco

Access terminal ZB TF1700 with contactless RFID reader and fingerprint.Water & Dust-proof

High quality LH4000/LH5000 RFID locks perfect for automated hotel rooms and suites.

LH4000/LH5000 RFID Hotel Lock All

Access terminal ZB MA300out with contactless RFID reader and fingerprint.The terminal can also be installed outdoors because the relay is powered by an ext. Access box is controlled indoors

Terminal ZB MA 300

With the access control box ZB BI-402/404 you can operate up to 4 non-contact or biometric readers. All readers of the LE series can be used for indoor or outdoor use

Zutrittssteuerbox ZB Bi– 402/404

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